Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland and our creative team have forged a fantastic collaboration with the town of Dunbar and surrounding areas, using Britten’s original vision to bring together professional, amateur and young musicians and singers in an epic performance with you, the audience, playing a vital role throughout.

Our Noye is a man of action. When crisis hits, he takes the initiative to save his family and the local street children by bringing them aboard his newly built ark to help create a new world after the storm. Noye and the children, like the people of Dunbar, are working towards a better way to live, a celebration of a community of people coming together to face the challenges ahead.

The process of creating this production has involved a phenomenal contribution from the local community working alongside the Noye’s Fludde team, to re-imagine this ancient story for contemporary Dunbar. Through our collaboration with Zero Waste Dunbar, we have adopted the town’s commitment to sustainable living as the central theme for our show in the story and in the supporting visuals. Our designer, Carys Hobbs, has created set and costume made entirely from recycled and up-cycled materials, much of it made in collaboration with members of the community. The show represents a shared effort in the true spirit of Britten’s original.

Caitlin Skinner