Conductor: Sian Edwards
Director: Caitlin Skinner
Designer: Carys Hobbs
Assistant Director/ Chorus Master: Moira Morrison
Film Sequence: Roddy Simpson
Production Manager: Ronnie Herd
Project Manager/Producer: Sue Baxendale
Repetiteur: Beth Jerem

Noye: Andrew McTaggart
Mrs Noye: Penelope Cousland
Voice of God: Donald Maxwell

The Orchestra of Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland (McOpera)
Leader: Katie Hull

Sons and Daughters of Noye:
Peter Napier
Ollie Marshall
Joe Adie
Eve Doyle
Jess Mackie
Lucy Kilfara
Natasha Hilferty

Mrs Noye’s Gossips:
Ellen McNeill
Monika Rogge
Diane Kerr
Nancy Bird
Hannah Coffey
Jeanie Adie

Dancers (Dove and Raven):
Coached by Clare Bungay and Dance Discovery
Maia Baptie
Natalie Wilson

Children's Chorus

Chorus Leaders:
Annie Rose Dickson
Gina Wright
Hannah de Boer-Smith
Jessie Smith
Kara Thomas
Paige Woods
Rebecca Sangster

Aaron Mackenzie
Aimee Mill
Alexandra Whitehead
Andrew Irvine
Arlo Treacy
Ava Thorburn
Catriona Ford
Emma Cameron
Eve Allen
Jay Courtney
Kirsten Irwin
Luke Foster
Marisa Kay
Martha Cornish
Meghan McNeil
Merlin Kerr
Olivia Hamilton
Ryan Lough
Saxon Kerr
Shay McCaw
Sylvie Christopherson

Stage Crew:
Beth Sangster
Peter McNeil
Dave Hill

Materials sourced by Zero Waste Dunbar, with workshops and sessions led by Susan Carleton and Tracy Norman
Costume Assistant: Caroline Nelson
Stand Covers by craft groups in Dunbar, led by Beth Nelson
Rainbow, Sun and Moon created by Noye’s Chorus from Dunbar Primary School

With huge thanks to Zero Waste Dunbar, Dunbar Paris Church, Dunbar Primary School and Helen Gillanders, Jo MacNamara and the Bleachingfield Centre, Clare Bungay at Dance Discovery, and all our parents and chaperones without whom this project would not happen.

Video footage from,, and, released under a Creatives Commons license.